With 13 years of impeccable track record, Synergy Marketing (Asia) is the leading (and largest) in-store marketing services provider in Hong Kong. Our key strength lies in our dedicated teams, research and development, and most importantly, swift and reliable service.

Do you know that a whopping three out of four shoppers – 82% to be exact, make their shopping decisions in the store, up from 76% in the 2012 study? The 2014 study, conducted by the Point Of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), also revealed that there is a huge jump from 55% to 62% for unplanned purchases in the store (compared to 2012 study). What does this show? Yes..... The importance of in-store marketing - more shoppers today make decisions in-store than before. Relying on in-store marketing and branding, shoppers’ in-store decision rate has reached an all time high of 82%. In-store advertisements have shown to drive unplanned purchases (62%, compared to 55% in 2012).

And with compelling and creative visual displays and works, we are looking at engaging shoppers, influencing their in-store buying decision, turning a subconscious shopper into a potential buyer. We also recognise the needs of our clients, retailer partners and shoppers, and create customized, seamless and effective solutions. We call this the SMArt Strategy, delivering better results and competitive advantage.

The SMArt Strategy
Our core businesses include the provision of one-stop point of sales media advertising, demonstration and promotion, sampling, merchandising and event management, an effective, all-rounded and impactful marketing platform beneficial to both retailers and advertisers. Our popular services that are highly sought after by our clients include:
  • SMArt Media Advertising
  • SMArt Demonstration
  • SMArt Merchandising
  • SMArt Event

SMArt Media Advertising
The SMArt Media Advertising provides an engaging in-store shopping experience for shoppers. Our creative and artistic advertising panels, banners and billboards are powerful tools to capture shoppers’ attention, and to maximize brand awareness. Once engaged, shoppers become conscious to the value proposition offered and they would become engaged with the product.

Main benefits of SMArt Media Advertising include:
-       Brand awareness
-       High visibility
-       Influence shopping decisions made in-store
-       Drive unplanned purchases
-       Increase sales

SMArt Demonstration
Engage your potential customers with SMArt Demonstration today! Providing our clients with unparalleled in-store successes, in-store demos have always been a part of our DNA, and we have been doing it better than anyone else. Customers nowadays want to know what they are buying, and in-store demos offer an opportunity to connect directly with customers. The more the connections, the higher the sales.

Main benefits of SMArt Demonstration include:
-       Captivate customers with your brand, involve them with it, and convert them to your potential buyers
-       Connect directly with shoppers
-       Impactful demos that engage your customers in the aisle where shopping decisions are made
-       Provide an excellent ROI to your marketing investments
-       A great marketing tool, in addition to current advertising effort

SMArt Merchandising
Without a merchandising strategy, your products will be left on the shelves fending themselves against the numerous competitors. With the SMArt Strategy approach, we carefully formulate a merchandising strategy in such a way that your products stand out from the rest, presenting the important information about the benefits, features and unique values of your products. In fact, in-store merchandising is often the last chance to attract potential buyers.

Main benefits of SMArt Demonstration include:
-       Influence purchase decisions
-       Highlight product's features and benefits
-       Communicate special deals or offers to potential buyers
-       Increase product's appeal on the shelf
-       Inform shoppers current deals and promotions

SMArt Event
Launching a new product? Planning a promotional event or themed campaign? Let our experienced SMArt Event team assist you in the conceptualising, planning, coordinating and execution of your event. Events have long been a tool to create a positive and strengthen brand image, and drive sales. Leveraging on our capability, the professionally organised event will increase your presence at retail.